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Chapter 1
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An Outcast

Meet Ayehu, a 25-year-old mother left incontinent after a stillbirth and later rejected by her Ethiopian village.
running time 6:40

Chapter 2
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Hope in Addis Ababa

Ayehu makes the exhausting 17-hour journey to the fistula hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital, in search of a cure.
running time 8:19

Chapter 3
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A New Community

Patients at the hospital discover that they're not alone. One peasant woman, Wubete, remains hopeful even after being treated twice with poor results.
running time 9:51

Chapter 4
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Harsh Realities

While Wubete struggles with a slow recovery, another patient, Almaz, relates the story of kidnapping and stillbirth that led to her own surgery.
running time 10:40

Chapter 5
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The Silent Epidemic

Ethiopia has a population of 77 million but only 146 gynecologists and obstetricians, leaving perhaps 100,000 women to suffer fistulas.
running time 7:56

Chapter 6
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A Fresh Start

Doctors at the fistula hospital find their greatest reward in the joy of cured patients—women with a whole new lease on life.
running time 8:19

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