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John Long, Museum Victoria
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Rod Wells, Flinders University
Stephen Wroe, University of New South Wales

Image Credits 
Bone Diggers homepage
Image composite: (John Long with skull, cave interior) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Evolution Down Under
Images: (red kangaroo)© Michelle Allen/ Pty Ltd; (animation) Tectonic plate reconstructions derived from data available at paleomap/paleomap.html; (opossum)© Rex Lisman: Wild Planet Photography; (landscape of Uluru)© Matej Pribelsky; (two men with skeleton) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (kangaroo and echidna) © Reuters/CORBIS

The Extinction Enigma
Images: (lizard attacking bird) Courtesy Peter Trusler; (preserving skeleton, man beneath stalactites, descending into cave, John Long with skull, fossil bird) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (bushfire)© Simon Owler; (Gifford Miller) Courtesy Gifford Miller

Anatomy of Thylacoleo
Images: (skeleton) Courtesy Roderick T. Wells; (kangaroo)© Michelle Allen/ Pty Ltd; (lion)© Nico Smit, Nico Smit Photography; (opossum hind paw) © Dennis Deck; (cat claw) Courtesy; (koala) © Paul Osmond/; (Tasmanian devil)© Leo Stanners/Limelight Design; (tiger)© Dirk Freder

Australia's Vanished Beasts
Images: (illustrations) by Frank Knight originally for Kadimakara: Extinct Vertebrates of Australia, P. V. Rich and G. F. van Tets, editors (Pioneer Design Studio, Melbourne, Australia, 1985, and Princeton University Press, 1991), used with permission of the copyright holders, P. V. Rich and F. Knight

TV Program Description
Image: (bone fragments) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

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TV Program Credits

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Clay Bryce
Mike Searle

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Elizabeth Arledge

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Elizabeth Arledge

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Ingo Helbig
Clay Bryce
Stuart Scowcroft
Carolyn Bertram

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Molly Longstreth

Daniel Searle
Ian Pugsley
Brian Dowley

Edited by
Doug Quade

Narrated by
Neil Ross

Sound Recordists
Doug Hampton
Dean Radovic
Tom Williams

Music Design Systems
Justin Low
Valeria Niazov
Rob Morsberger

Online Editor and Colorist
Jim Ferguson

Post Production Facility
The OutPost

Sound Mix
Hamdon Sound
Richard Bock

Visual Effects
Daniel Pita

Alan Muller

Special Thanks
Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
Rio Tinto WA Future Fund
Western Australian Museum Foundation


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yU + co.

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John Luker
Musikvergnuegen, Inc.

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Susanne Simpson
Lisa Mirowitz

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Laurie Cahalane

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Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

Managing Director
Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell


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