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Australia's Vanished Beasts
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Australia's Vanished Beasts

The marsupial lion is just one of numerous megafauna, or "big animals," that lived in Australia during the Pleistocene Epoch (1.7 million to 10,000 years ago). All of them are gone forever, rendered extinct under still mysterious circumstances sometime after humans first arrived on the continent some 50,000 or 60,000 years ago. In this slide show, see evocative illustrations of some of these extinct wonders as they might have appeared when alive, and find out what made them stand out.—Peter Tyson

Note: Illustrations by Frank Wright for the book Kadimakara: Extinct Vertebrates of Australia, edited by P. V. Rich and G. F. van Tets (1st edition Pioneer Desgin Studio, 1985; 2nd edition Princeton University Press, 1991). Used with kind permission of editor and writer P. Vickers Rich.

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