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Special Thanks
Daniel Musgrave, The Great Ape Trust
Joseph Levine, Scientific Consultant

Image Credits 
The Last Great Ape homepage
Image composite: (bonobos) © BBC

The Bonobo In All of Us
Images: (young bonobo, adult bonobo leaning back, bonobo baby, bush meat) © BBC; (chimpanzee) Martin Harvey © Gallo Images/CORBIS; (two bonobo sisters) © Frans de Waal; (Frans de Waal) © Catherine Marin

Read My Lips
Images: (all) Courtesy of Dr. Amy Pollick, Living Links Center, Yerkes National Primate Research Center; (playing "airplane," bonobos holding hands, Jumanji making play face toward Muhdeblu, Lenore grinning at Lori) taken at San Diego Wild Animal Park; (Mchumba wrestling with adult, Ikela laughing, Lana begging, Mchumba and Junior kissing) taken at San Diego Zoo

Kanzi the Bonobo
Images: (all bonobo images) Courtesy of Sue Savage-Rumbaugh/The Great Ape Trust of Iowa; (license plate) Courtesy Lorrie Lyon

Our Family Tree
Images: (all illustrations) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Audio: (gorilla) © Zoo Atlanta; (chimpanzee) © Catherine Crockford/Max Plank Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology & the Tai National Park; (bonobo) © Sue Savage-Rumbaugh/The Great Ape Trust of Iowa; (human) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (orangutan) © Serge Wich

TV Program Description
Image: (bonobo in tree) © BBC

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TV Program Credits

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Vulcan Productions, Inc.
WGBH Educational Foundation

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African Wildlife Foundation
Barbara Fruth
Bila-Isia Inogwabini
Columbus Zoo
Dr. Amy Parish/University of Southern California
Dr. Jo Thompson/Lukuru Wildlife Research Project
Gottfried Hohmann
Jim Moore
John Hart
Max Planck Institute
World Conservation Society

Production Manager for the BBC
Sally Mark

Series Editor for BBC Natural World
Tim Martin


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Susanne Simpson
Lisa Mirowitz

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Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

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Alan Ritsko

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Paula S. Apsell


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