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Topic(s): Car Culture / Electric & Hybrid / Future Transport
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Well, the 2004 Prius is a just terrific car; I own it myself. It's got a lot of technology in it. It is about a double-fuel efficiency vehicle. Toyota really went to town. I think they put a thousand engineers on it. It's just got every possible energy-saving feature that you can imagine. It's got— Not only does it have an electric battery that can take energy, regenerative braking when you slow down, but it's also got, for instance, the air-conditioning system runs on electricity rather than running off the engine, so it's more efficient. So it's just a very well designed car. I think it is the car, the first no-compromise, green car ever built, and it's the main reason why there's been so much excitement about hybrids in the last 3 or 4 years.



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