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The "Car of the Future" Open Content Web site contains more than 200 one- to three-minute video clips, including expert interviews and scenic footage, from the making of NOVA's "Car of the Future." You can search, preview, and download clips from the site free of charge. Then you can use your own video editing software to mix the clips, along with other materials you shoot or legally obtain, to create your own custom videos. This section offers suggestions for how to use the site and its content in your classroom. You can also find a Teacher's Guide to accompany NOVA's "Car of the Future" program in which student teams research and develop a proposal to decrease the carbon footprint of their community's public transportation system.

Before you start using the site, we recommend you:

  • familiarize yourself with NOVA's "Car of the Future" documentary, which you can watch online,

  • browse the Open Content Web site to become familiar with how to find, view, and download clips, and

  • read the Rules of Use section outlining clip usage guidelines.



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