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Well, I think people are right to have some doubts that Detroit is capable of building this car of the future, because we've been told that there'd be a car of the future for a long time now. First, it was electric cars and General Motors kind of pulled the rug out from underneath the electric car. And then they started touting hydrogen cars, and I think most people realize now, hydrogen cars are a long way away. So there's reason to be skeptical in the specific case of General Motors. But I do think that the plug-in hybrid is the car of the future. So I think that if they build it, people will buy it and the excitement that people had for electric cars is going to spill over into plug-ins and people will be even more excited there. So— And plus, the competition—Toyota, Honda—will introduce plug-in hybrids, I have no doubt. So I think that there is much more reason to be optimistic now than in a very long time.



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