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Topic(s): Electric & Hybrid / Foreign Oil / Government / Hydrogen / Iceland / Renewable
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Well, Iceland has— Iceland has taken a real leadership role on alternative fuels. Clearly, they import all their oil, so they don't have any domestic oil. They do have a lot of domestic renewable resources, whether it's geothermal or wind or hydro. The problem is, how do you translate that into useful fuel for a car? They've decided to go the hydrogen route. I'm a bit skeptical that that will work. I wouldn't be surprised if they woke up to the fact that they would be the perfect place for plug-in hybrids. I mean, the thing to realize about plug-in hybrids is that they use electricity from renewable sources three to four times more efficiently than you get if you run a hydrogen car off renewable power. And that kind of efficiency gain is very hard to beat in the marketplace.



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