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Skúlason 11 (1:20)
Topic(s): Environment / Hydrogen / Iceland
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Well, other reasons for actually going with hydrogen instead of using fossil fuels is, of course, the impact of global warming. Currently, vehicles and transport applications are emitting very, very large portions of all the greenhouse gas emissions we're doing in the world. We're seeing impact on global warming. They're all indications that global warming is taking place and we have to do something if we want to reverse this.

And a lot of people might think that Iceland, we would celebrate that, if the globe warms up a little bit, because we're a pretty cool island up here, but what is also changing is we have marine currents changing and there's now a lot of discussion that, actually, the Gulf Stream has already slowed down a little bit and without the gulf stream it will be very difficult to live here and Iceland will actually become much colder if that happens than we are today. Not to forget that the sea currents are the basis for our fisheries because we still- Iceland still depends heavily on fisheries and where you have cold and warm streams coming together in the ocean, that's best place for fish to breed and grow and that's why we have a lot of fish around Iceland. If that disappears, you also take one of our biggest eggs from our economic basket, so that would not only have impact on whether we are cold or warm but it would have major impact on our economies.



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