Megabeasts' Sudden Death
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Image Credits 
Megabeasts' Sudden Death homepage
Main header: (mammoth) ©Jonathan Blair/Corbis; (Watch Online image) Courtesy Doug Hamilton

End of the Big Beasts
Images: (megafauna paintings) © Karen Carr []; (map) © Linda Huff; (black mat) Courtesy Doug Hamilton

The Extinction Debate
No images

Extraordinary Artifacts
Images: (all) © Peter Bostrom

Modeling a Comet Airburst
Video: A NOVA Production by Hamilton Land & Cattle, Inc. for WGBH-Boston; ©2009 WGBH Educational Foundation

Stone Age Toolkit
Illustrations: Adapted from Making Silent Stones Speak: Human Evolution and the Dawn of Technology by Kathy D. Schick and Nicholas Toth. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993.

Before Clovis
Map: Courtesy of Robson Bonnichsen

TV Program Description
Images: (both) Courtesy Doug Hamilton

Program credits

TV Program Credits

Narrated by
Liev Schreiber

Written and Produced by
Doug Hamilton

Associate Producer
Solana Pyne

Edited by
Rob Tinworth

Rob Fortunato
Dan Krauss
Ben McCoy
Rob Tinworth

Sound Recordists
Jim Choi
Doug Dunderdale
Russ T Fisher
Drew Levinson
Keith McManus

Tay Chee Wei

Music Mix

Animation Producer
Mitch Butler Explain-o-Graphics

Lead Animator
Christopher Dye

Additional Animation
Elena Montijo

Costume Design
Darren Clark

Alita Camacho

Clovis Tools Expert
Sam Greenleaf

Assistant Editors
Erica Temsy Chen
Allen Campos

Online Editor
Rob Tinworth

Stephen Baldwin

Audio Mix
Jim Sullivan

Archival Material
Alan Simmons Productions/Firestorm Videos
BBC Motion Gallery
Dinosaur eye/comet animation, Big Island Pictures
Greg Hensley Productions
NASA IRTF Comet Science Team

Special Thanks
Brendan J. Culleton
Stuart Fiedel
Richard Vinci
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry


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yU + co.

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Walter Werzowa
John Luker
Musikvergnuegen, Inc.

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The Caption Center

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Gaia Remerowski

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Linda Callahan

Sarah Erlandson

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Scott Kardel, Esq.
Janice Flood

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Jason York

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Stephen Sweigart

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Lisa Mirowitz

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Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

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Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell


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