Space Shuttle Disaster
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Space Shuttle Disaster homepage
Images composite: (STS-107 launch, STS-107 ready to launch) Courtesy NASA

Rescue Scenarios
Images: (STS-107 crew, STS-107 liftoff, spacewalk illustration, Michael Brown, ladder illustration, STS-117 Atlantis, Atlantis/Columbia docking illustration, astronauts crossing the gap illustration, STS-107 crew in space) Courtesy NASA; (Atlantis) Courtesy NASA/Kim Shiflet

The Investigator
Video: (Scott Hubbard, foam test impact) © WGBH Educational Foundation and The Factory All Rights Reserved; (Jonathan and Iain Clark) © J. Scott Applewhite/A.P. images; (Columbia wheel well debris, Columbia debris, foam samples, STS-107 launch, Scott Hubbard briefing the media, airgun for foam test) Courtesy CAIB/photo by Rick Stiles 2003; (crew of STS-107) Courtesy NASA

The Insider Who Knew
Image: (Rodney Rocha) © WGBH Educational Foundation and The Factory All Rights Reserved

Force of Impact
Images: (Columbia ready for launch) Courtesy NASA; (illustrations) Dan Nolan/© WGBH Educational Foundation; Video: (enhanced side views of foam strike) Courtesy Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report

The Case to Save the Shuttle Program
Image: (Allen Richardson) Courtesy Allen Richardson

A Space Age Controversy
Image: (John Logsdon) Courtesy John Logsdon

TV Program Description
Image: (STS-107 launch) Courtesy NASA

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