Space Shuttle Disaster

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Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew
NASA's memorial page features Columbia crew member biographies and a video tribute.

Columbia Accident Investigation Board
View Columbia findings and press briefings from the Accident Investigation Board at the official CAIB site.

CAIB Report
Read the complete Columbia Accident Investigation Board report and other significant documents.

Shuttle Tragedy
This Time Magazine slide show chronicles Columbia's journey from launch to disaster during reentry.

STS-107: Space Shuttle Columbia Crew Lost's special report on Columbia includes an image gallery and an interactive explanation of space shuttle components.

Constellation: NASA's New Spacecraft
Check out NASA's new Ares and Orion spacecraft, and learn more about engineering developments that increase spaceflight safety.


Space Shuttle Columbia: Her Missions and Crews
By Ben Evans. Praxis, 2005.

Sixteen Minutes From Home: The Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy
By Mark Cantrell, Donald Vaughan et al. AMI Books, 2003.

The Story of the Space Shuttle
By David Harland. Springer-Verlag, 2004.

Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the United States Civilian Space Program
Edited by John Logsdon. History Division, 2004.

Space Shuttle Design
By Michael Griffin and James French. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2004.

Space Shuttle: The First 20 Years—The Astronauts' Experience In Their Own Words
By DK Publishing, 2002.

Engineering Ethics: Balancing Cost, Schedule, and Risk—Lessons Learned From the Space Shuttle
By Rosa Lynn Pinkus, Larry Shuman et al. Cambridge University Press, 1997.

Inside NASA: High Technology and Organizational Change in the U.S. Space Program
By Howard McCurdy. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994.


"NASA Chief Says He Backs 2010 Shuttle Retirement"
by Marc Carreau. Houston Chronicle, September 7, 2008.

"NASA Studies Changes in Shuttle Plan: Should 2010 Retirement Be Postponed? Should Next Flight Be Delayed?"
by Tariq Malik. MSNBC, August 29, 2008.

"Where Next, NASA?"
by Kathy Svitil. Discover Magazine, May 1, 2003.

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