Darwin's Darkest Hour
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Image Credits
Darwin's Darkest Hour Hub Page
Image: (Charles and Emma Darwin) © WGBH Educational Foundation/National Geographic Television

Capturing Darwin's Dilemma
Images: (images from production) © WGBH Educational Foundation/National Geographic Television; (John Goldsmith) Courtesy John Goldsmith

Being Charles Darwin
Image: (images from production) © WGBH Educational Foundation/National Geographic Television; (Henry Ian Cusick in Lost) © ABC/Bob D'Amico

Great Minds Think Alike
Images: (Alfred Russel Wallace) © E.O. Hoppé/Corbis; (Charles Darwin) © Stapleton Collection/Corbis; (toucan) © Miguel César/istockphoto; (map of Malay archipelago) Courtesy of Sean Carroll, created by Leanne Olds; (birdwing butterfly) © Keith J Smith/istockphoto; (megapode illustration) © Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia/Corbis; (tree kangaroo) Craig Dingle/istockphoto; (island of Ternate) © Fadil/Corbis; (Alfred Wallace writing) © Corbis

Explore the Galapagos
Explore the Islands—Animals & Geology
Video: (marine iguana feeding) © photoBlueIce/istockphoto; (iguanas at water's edge) © Krister Wulff/istockphoto; (Galapagos giant tortoise walking1, tortoise walking2) © Krister Wulff/istockphoto; (blue-footed booby) © Krister Wulff/istockphoto; (Sally Lightfoot crabs walking) © photoBlueIce/istockphoto; (Galapagos sea lions on beach, sea lions underwater) © Krister Wulff/istockphoto

Explore the Islands—Animals & Geology
Images: (Galapagos penguin with horizon) © John Frink/istockphoto; (penguin at shore) © Yaiza Fernandez Garcia/istockphoto; (penguin on rock) © John MacIlwinen/istockphoto; (flightless cormorant drying wings) © Tim Davis/Corbis; (cormorant swimming) Courtesy Mark Putney; (common cactus finch) © Visuals Unlimited/Corbis; (Carge ground finch) © Miguel Castro / Photo Researchers, Inc; (woodpecker finch) © Tierbild Okapia/Photo Researchers, Inc; (Darwin lake) © Specialist Stock/Corbis; (satellite image of Fernandina and Isabela island volcanoes) Courtesy NASA Earth Observatory; (volcanic crater) © Frans Lanting/Corbis; (dormant volcanic cinder cones) © Nancy Nehring/istockphoto; (moray eel in a coral reef) © Stephen Frink/Corbis; (school of fish near a coral reef) © Dennis Sabo/istockphoto

Explore the Islands—Panoramas
Images: (all Gigapan images) Courtesy Bruce Perry

What Darwin Saw
Images: (The Beagle) from Voyage of The Beagle by Charles Darwin; (Sean Carroll) © WGBH Educational Foundation; ("First Impressions" etching) from A Naturalist's Journey Around the World by Charles Darwin; ("Darwin the Collector" wildlife) from Voyage of The Beagle by Charles Darwin; (Sean Carroll with tortoise) Courtesy Cici Clark; ("Eating Tortoises" drawing) Public Domain; (Cliff Tabin) © WGBH Educational Foundation; ("Darwin's Finches" finches drawing) Public Domain; ("The Big Picture" portrait of Charles Darwin) Public Domain

Darwin's Predictions
Images: (Darwin's tree of life sketch) from the 1837 First Notebook on Transmutation of Species by Charles Darwin; (bacterium) © Visuals Unlimited/Corbis; (mushroom) © Arjan Troost/istockphoto.com; (flower) © James Margolis/istockphoto.com; (elephant) Robert Hardholt/istockphoto.com; (finches) from the 1839 Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of HMS Beagle Round the World, Under the Command of Captn. FitzRoy, R.N. by Charles Darwin; (DNA sketch) Francis Crick/Courtesy Wellcome Trust; (sapling) © Alexander Chelmodeev/istockphoto.com; (human embryo) © Clouds Hill Imaging Ltd./CORBIS; (peacock) © Bobbie Osborne/istockphoto.com; (immortal genes) redrawn from The Making of the Fittest: DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution by Sean B. Carroll, Norton, 2006; (skeletons) from the 1863 Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature by Thomas Henry Huxley; (evolutionary tree) redrawn with permission from: Pascal Gagneux et al. 1999. "Mitochondrial Sequences Show Diverse Evolutionary Histories of African Hominoids." Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA ,Vol. 96, pp. 5077-5082, 27 April 1999; (Earth) © Andrew Johnson; istockphoto.com; (Archaeopteryx) © Louie Psihoyos/CORBIS; (orchid) © 2004 Prem Subrahmanyam, used with permission/www.orchidstockphotos.com

TV Program Description
Image: (Darwin thinking) © WGBH Educational Foundation/National Geographic Television

NOVA's Focus on Evolution
Images: (Charles and Emma) © National Geographic Television; (paleoartist mask image) Courtesy Anastasia Cronin; (Sean Carroll with a tortoise) Courtesy Cici Clark; (Rick Potts) Courtesy Jason Nichols

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Directed by
John Bradshaw

Teleplay by
John Goldsmith

Produced by
Michael Mahoney

Executive Producers
John Bredar
Norman Stephens

Director of Photography
Christopher Ball

Production Designer
Brian Enman

Dean Soltys

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Charles Bernstein

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Valerie Halman

1st Assistant Director
Bruce Zwicker

2nd Assistant Director
John Shurko

Senior Executive Producer
Michael Rosenfeld

Senior Development Producer
Maryanne Culpepper

Senior Producer
Linda Goldman

Production Manager
Christopher Maes

Post Production Supervisor
Susan Lach

Teresa Tate

Associate Producer
J.J. Kelley

Casting by
John Buchan CSA
Jason Knight


Henry Ian Cusick
Charles Darwin

Frances O'Connor
Emma Darwin

Nigel Bennett
Sir Charles Lyell

Jeremy Akerman

Vanessa Walton-Bone
Elizabeth Wedgwood

Richard Donat
Dr. Robert Darwin

Jacob Robertson
Frank Darwin

Simon Pattison
Horace Darwin

Owen Pattison
Lenny Darwin

Daniel Lillford
Dr. Engleheart

John O'Keefe

Rhys Bevan-John
Alfred Wallace

Mike McPhee
William Fitzroy

Jeff Schwager
John Gould

Andrea Lee Norwood

Lee J. Campbell
John Bennett

Jeremy Webb
John Gray

David Hughes
Reverend Innes

Andrew Gillies
Uncle Jos Wedgewood

Emily Power
Annie Darwin

Gordan Gammie
Dr. Grant

Gary Levert
Joseph Dalton Hooker

Costume Designer
Martha Curry

Key Make-Up Artist
Elizabeth Kuchurean

Key Hair Stylist
Barbi Jollota

1st Asst. Art Director
Matt Likely

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Terry Quennell

Location Manager
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Marianne Seeley

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Eddy McInnis

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Gareth Roberts

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Boom Operator
Frank Kavanagh

Still Photographer
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John Gallagher

Blake Connell

Generator Operator
Gary Mitchell

Key Grip
Steve Arnold

Best Boy Grip
Doug Betts

Dolly Grip
Christopher Baxter

Michael Jackson

1st Assistant Accountant
Linda Hallett

Assistant Costume Designer
Rachael Grant

Costume Set Supervisor
Bethanna Briffett

Set Costumer
Diana Redmond

Make-Up Assistant
Nadine Beed

Hair Assistant
Jim Macdonald

Animal Wranglers
Heather Lowther
Steve Murphy

Transport Coordinator
Debi Jonatanson

Transport Captain
Kristin Arason

Jim Gaudet

Rex Hart

Action Catering

Craft Services
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Construction Coordinator
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Lead Carpenter
Andre Lacroix

Key Scenic Artist
Kevin Lewis

Head Painter
James Mathews

Assistant Property Master
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3rd Assistant Director
Heather Harvey

Set Decorators
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Ray Macdonald

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v Neil Shaw
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Whitney Morash

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Graham Coldwell

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Rocket Science

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William F. White Atlantic

Filmed on location in Nova Scotia Canada

Special Thanks
Nova Scotia Provincial Museums
Randal Keynes
Adam Leipzig
Gould Artwork Reproduced with permission from John van Wyhe ed.,
The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

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