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The NOVA Quiz:
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Conducting a Quiz Show in Your Classroom
This activity can provide an excellent means of reviewing for a final exam, or it can be used as an interdisciplinary project between two classes. By creating their own quiz show, students practice their research skills, organize information, work cooperatively, and evaluate the need for rules and fair play.

Divide the class into four teams, and assign each team to prepare and submit 15 questions for an in-class quiz. Five of the questions should be related to classification, five should be related to predicting outcomes, and the other five can be any type the students choose. Depending on your curriculum objectives, the students' questions can be related to a specific science topic, or they can be more general.

After the teams have submitted their questions, review the entire question set and select the best ones to use for the in-class game. To avoid having students answer their own questions, combine the four original teams into two larger teams and organize the questions into two sets so that each team will, in effect, challenge the other.

Hints and Ideas
  1. Before beginning, explain the rules, including such issues as time restrictions and what will happen in case of a tie.

  2. Divide the class into teams and conduct a series of heats or rounds. Team-generated answers can prevent the stress of individual embarrassment and promote cooperation among students. Some games may require the team to choose a captain to present their answers.

  3. Designate one student as timekeeper. Use a stopwatch, clock, or egg timer.

  4. It may be difficult to determine who responds first to a question if students just raise their hands. Instead, use different-sounding bells, a simple buzzer, or a light.

  5. Design your game with questions that vary in difficulty. Rate them according to points earned. You may want to write your questions on a transparency and use an overhead projector to display the categories and point values.

  6. You may want to use your game to give positive reinforcement. If so, devise a reward system such as extra credit points on a test, homework exemption passes, coupons for various privileges, treats from the cafeteria, etc.

Teacher's Guide
NOVA Quiz, The