The Big Energy Gamble

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Chapter 1
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The Governator's Bet

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is leading an aggressive charge against global warming in his state. Will the country follow?
running time 7:36

Chapter 2
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Keeping up With the Neighbors

Ed Begley, Jr. and Bill Nye have a friendly rivalry over who can have a smaller carbon footprint. But not every Californian can afford to join the game.
running time 9:42

Chapter 3
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Powering the Grid

California plans to scrap coal and turn more to wind and solar to generate electricity. The technological and political challenges are formidable.
running time 8:28

Chapter 4
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Nuclear to the Rescue?

While California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore wants the state to build more nuclear power plants, a company called Nanosolar is betting on new ways to harvest sunlight.
running time 10:00

Chapter 5
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Taking on the Auto

In a state where the car is king and people drive from one end of a mall to the other, can California meet its goals to slash carbon emissions?
running time 6:38

Chapter 6
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A Plug-In Solution

Will the plug-in hybrid be the centerpiece of a new energy system? Steven Chu believes science can find answers, like this one, to our energy and climate problems.
running time 7:24

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