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Lord of the Ants homepage
Images: (E.O. Wilson) © Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis; (ant) © 2008 Windfall Films, Ltd. and Neil Patterson Productions, Inc.; (Grand Central Station) © Alan Schein/zefa/Corbis

A Conversation With E.O. Wilson
Images: (E.O. Wilson) © AP Images; (acacia trees) © Chris Crafter/istockphoto.com; (snake) © John Bell/istockphoto.com; (rain forest) © Morley Read/istockphoto.com; (desert) © David Kerkhoff/istockphoto.com; (wheat field) © hougaard malan/istockphoto.com; (child) © Renee Lee/istockphoto.com; (cattle) © Jason Lugo/istockphoto.com; (wilderness) © kavram/istockphoto.com; (damselfly) © Nick Watts/istockphoto.com; (airplane) © Predrag Novakovic/istockphoto.com; (frog) © Marcin Pytlowany/istockphoto.com

The Boy Naturalist
Images: (all) From Naturalist by E.O. Wilson. Copyright © 1994 Island Press; (young Wilson looking into net) Photograph by Ellis MacLeod

Man of Ideas
Image: (portrait of E.O. Wilson) © 2006 Jennie Summerall, www.jenniesummerall.com/Courtesy National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, NPG.2007.4

Amazing Ants Game
Images: (all) © Alex Wild/www.myrmecos.net

TV Program Description
Image: (E.O. Wilson and Stuart Altmann on beach) © 2008 Windfall Films, Ltd. and Neil Patterson Productions, Inc.

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TV Program Credits

Written, Produced & Directed By
David Dugan

Co-Produced by
Neil Patterson

Narrated by
Harrison Ford

Edited by
Dan Glendenning
Justin Badger

Associate Producer
Kurt Tondorf

Bob Hanna
Stephen McCarthy
James Callanan
Mark Molesworth
Bob Perrin
Daniel J. Lyons
Chris Morphet

Macro Photography
Martin Dohrn
Jonathan Jones

Sound Recordist
Rick Patterson

Max De Wardener

Fluid Pictures

Undergrowth Animation
Drew Berry

Production Manager
Jason Hendriksen

Audio Mix
Damian Reynolds

Aidan Farrell

Online Editor
Tamer Osman

Helen Grinstead

Production Assistant
Grear Patterson

Post Production Supervisor
Yvonne Bainton

Production Administration
Sue Harvard
Kristina Obradovic
Birte Pedersen
Val Prodromou

Archival Material
Ammonite Films
BBC Motion Gallery
CMS Films
Cytographics PTY LTD
The New York Review of Books
Time Magazine
Island Press – Ellis Macleod

Special Thanks
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Maureen McConnell
Robert Lue
Charles Smith
Mark Shelley
John Evey
Jay Short
Conservation International
Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Alabama
Trevor Graham
Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology
Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park, Florida
The Nature Conservancy
Erbano Verde Scientific Reserve, Dominican Republic
Caribbean Primate Research Center, Puerto Rico
The Explorer's Club
Central Park, New York
Kathleen Horton
Holden Thorp
Todd Boyette
Peter White


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