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Lauren Aguirre, Executive Editor
Kristine Allington, Project Coordinator
Darcy Forlenza, Editorial Assistant
Dan Hart, Developer
James Heuser, Web Intern
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Alan Kwan, Developer
David Levin, Assistant Editor
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Peter Tyson, Editor in Chief
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Homer Smith, Jane Staller, Art Matrix-Lightlink
Colin Kremer, Washington University

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Hunting the Hidden Dimension homepage
Image: (yellow Mandelbrot set) Courtesy Niche Software

A Radical Mind
Images: (Benoit Mandelbrot) Courtesy Benoit Mandelbrot; (blue Mandelbrot set) © WGBH Educational Foundation; (all other images) Courtesy Art Matrix

The Most Famous Fractal
Images: (Mandelbrot set images) Courtesy Art Matrix; (diagram) © WGBH Educational Foundation; (John Briggs) Courtesy John Briggs

Design a Fractal
Images: (all images) © WGBH Educational Foundation

A Sense of Scale
Images: (all images) © WGBH Educational Foundation

TV Program Description
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Program credits

TV Program Credits

Produced and Directed by
Michael Schwarz and Bill Jersey

Co-produced by
Edward Gray

Edited By
John Haptas

Director of Photography
John Chater

Sound Recordist
Dog Dunderdale

Associate Producers
Erika Trautman
Cianna Stewart

Narrated By
Neil Ross

Archival Research
Betsy Bayha
Jeremy Belzer-Adams
Kenn Rabin
Linda Davis

Music By
Christopher Rife

Edgeworx, Inc.
John Bair
Renuka Ballal
Mike Harvkey
Amber Kusmenko

Additional Camera
Vicente Franco
Russell Gienapp
Brian Dowley
Tom Hurwitz
Barry Kirk

Additional Sound
Ray Day
John Cameron
Peter Miller
Rex Morris
Paul Adlaf
Jim Gallup
Anton Herbert

Assistant Camera
Liam Dalzell
Eric Haff

Post-Production Supervisor and Online Editor
Ryan Shake

Assistant Editor
Jeremy Belzer-Adams
Christie Herring

Compositor and Visual Effects
Zac Pineda
Loren Sorensen
Video Arts/San Francisco

Ed Rudolph
Zac Pineda
Video Arts/San Francisco

Audio Mix
Robert Berke
Mark Escott
Berke Sound/San Francisco

Production Assistants
Sergei Petrov
Courtney Norris

Post-Production Assistants
Ari Schwarz
Misha Schwarz

Archival Material
Artbeats Digital Film Library
The Boeing Company
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) 1858, Ivan Petrovich Keler-Viliandi: Regional M. Vrubel Art Museum, Omsk/ The Bridgeman Art Library
Corbis, Inc.
Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith © 2005 Lucasfilm LTD. Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved
National Geographic Digital Motion
Oddball Film + Video, San Francisco
Producers Library
Photo Researchers, Inc.
Thought Equity Motion
Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie courtesy of USHMM
United States Patent and Trademark Office

Special Thanks
Area de Conservación Guanacaste
Kevin Consey, Berkeley Art Museum
Keith Devlin
Paul Van Donkelaar
Anthony Falzone and Julie Ahrens, Fair Use Project, Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School
Christopher Holm (Lucasfilm ) & Greg Grusby (ILM)
Greg Huber
Dr. Daniel Janzen, University of Pennsylvania
Mike Kearny, Amalgamated Research, Inc.
Oliver Knill
R. Ruben Rosales
Christopher Rycroft
Rolf Sinclair
Gregg Whitnah


Fiscal Agent
The Catticus Corporation

Executive Administrator
Shirley Kessler

Executive In Charge of Production
Kiran Kapany

NOVA Series Graphics
yU + co.

NOVA Theme Music
Walter Werzowa
John Luker
Musikvergnuegen, Inc.

Additional NOVA Theme Music
Ray Loring
Rob Morsberger

Post Production Online Editor
Michael H. Amundson

Closed Captioning
The Caption Center

Carole McFall
Eileen Campion
Victoria Louie
Kate Becker
Karinna Sjo-Gaber

Senior Researcher
Gaia Remerowski

Production Coordinator
Linda Callahan

Sarah Erlandson

Talent Relations
Scott Kardel, Esq.
Janice Flood

Legal Counsel
Susan Rosen

Post Production Assistant
Darcy Forlenza

Associate Producer, Post Production
Patrick Carey

Post Production Supervisor
Regina O'Toole

Post Production Editors
Rebecca Nieto
Alex Kreuter
Jason York

Post Production Manager
Nathan Gunner

Compliance Manager
Linzy Emery

Development Producer
Pamela Rosenstein

Supervising Producer
Stephen Sweigart

Business Manager
Joseph P. Tracy

Senior Producer and Project Director
Lisa Mirowitz

Coordinating Producer
Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

Managing Director
Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell


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