Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor
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Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor homepage
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Pearl Harbor Sub Discovered
Image: (sub) © WGBH Educational Foundation

Japan's Midget Sub
Images: (computer generated sub images) © Parks Stephenson; (radio) Courtesy Yokohama Radio Museum; (archival photo of net cutter) Courtesy Naval History and Heritage Command; (archival photos of the forward and aft battery rooms, batteries, conning tower, control room, motor room, propeller, pulley, tail assembly, torpedoes, torpedo room) Courtesy U.S. National Archives files "Description and Photographs of Japanese Submarine No. 19"

The Threat of Midget Subs Today
Images: (Kure Naval Base) Official U.S. Air Force Photograph; (Turtle) Courtesy Naval History and Heritage Command; (Kilo-class sub) © Associated Press; (drug smuggling sub) © Associated Press; (Tamil Tiger midget sub) © Associated Press; (ABE) courtesy NOAA, from

Anatomy of Yamato
Images: (All diagrams) © Janusz Skulski 1988, Reproduced by permission Chrysalis Books Group Plc.; (video still) © BangBang Singapore Private Ltd.

Yamato's Final Voyage
Images: (all photos except Yahagi) Courtesy U.S. National Archives and Records Administration; (Yahagi) Courtesy Mikasa Memorial Museum, Yokosuka, Japan/

TV Program Description
Image: (submarines) Courtesy Naval History and Heritage Command

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Produced and Directed by
Kirk Wolfinger

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Steven Reich

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Steven Reich

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Edward Thacker

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Jay O. Sanders

Hans Indigo Spencer

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Archival Material
WWII: Valor in the Pacific National Monument, Photo Archive
Japanese Midget Submarine Association
The National Archives
National Park Service
Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory, University of Hawaii
U.S. Navy — Submarine Force Museum
UCLA Film & Television Archive

Special Thanks
"Advance Force — Pearl Harbor" by Burl Burlingame, Pacific Monograph

The Army and Navy Club, Washington, DC
Battleship USS Missouri, Pearl Harbor, HI
Earle Naval Weapons Station
Fox Glass
JMSDF 1st Service School Eta Jima
Carroll Lucas (dec.)
Larry Murphy
National Museum of the Pacific War
Naval History & Heritage Command, Washington Navy Yard
Navy Region Hawaii
New Mexico Tech
Brett Seymour
Specialty Diving Services, YT-153
United States Navy
Yamato Museum
The Washington Navy Yard
Midori Yanagihara

Special Thanks to the USS Midway Museum, San Diego, California


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