Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor
Yamato's Final Voyage
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Yamato's Final Voyage

During WWII, both the United States and Japan mourned the loss of giant battleships and the crews they carried. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor at the start of the war devastated Battleship Row and took the lives of over 2,400 Americans. Near the war's end, on April 7, 1945, the pride of Japan's navy, the battleship Yamato, succumbed to American airpower. Cataclysmic explosions tore the massive ship in half and sent her to the seafloor with most of her crew of about 3,000. Only a handful of photographs from Yamato's final hours—many of them taken from attacking aircraft—have survived. Here, see a slide show of dramatic archival images from the sinking of Japan's supership.—Lexi Krock

This feature originally appeared on NOVA's Sinking the Supership website.

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