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Journey with us into the lost world of Madagascar on this latest NOVA/PBS Online Adventure (real-time in May and June 2000). In two little-visited regions—a cave-riddled canyonland in which the NOVA program "Secrets of the Crocodile Caves" was filmed and a mountainous rain forest—follow the efforts of scientists trying to capture and study a catlike predator known as the fossa and an extremely rare lemur called the silky sifaka. Here is your virtual expedition dossier:
  • Dispatches
    Share in the adventure day by day with real-time dispatches written on site and sent by satellite phone with digital images and sounds.

  • The Expedition
    Read a backgrounder on the expedition, meet the team members, and get the lowdown on radiotracking a wild animal.

  • Surviving the Wilds
    Crocs, man-eating trees, "wild men of the woods"—Madagascar teems with threats, some near-mythical, some all too real.

  • Explore Madagascar
    View 360° QuickTime panoramas of places few people have ever seen, and lead yourself on a virtual tour of Madagascar with a clickable photo essay bearing hidden surprises.

  • E-Mail
    Have a question for one of the scientists or other team members in the field? Send it to us, and we'll do our best to get a response. This is also the place to forward your comments about the Web site.

  • Classroom Resources
    Make the most of this adventure for your students by using our lesson plans, links to resources, a regular listserve, and more.
Plus Resources.

Photo: Peter Tyson.

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