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The Wilds of Madagascar
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Working in southeast Madagascar, this U.K.-based charity funds sustainable development projects that strive to make nature conservation worth the while of local villagers. See Get Real about volunteering for 10-week placements on the island.

Duke University Primate Center
What do you want to know about lemurs? Chances are you will find your answer here. Featured topics include lemur biology, prosimians and other primates, and current conservation efforts.

Madagascar Biodiversity and Conservation
David Parks and Larry Barnes captured their 1993 Madagascar trip on film. Relive their visits to the spiny desert and the rainforest. Examine two-tone millipedes, golden frogs, and assassin bugs. Concise and informative captions accompany wonderful photographs.

Greatest Places: Madagascar
Hear a cockroach hiss, watch a chameleon catch its prey, or send an electronic postcard from this fun and educational site.

Madagascar: A World Apart
The PBS television series The Living Edens featured Madagascar in one of its episodes. Test your knowledge of Madagascar, read notes from the field, or download a beautiful sceen-saver.

Explore Madagascar!
Sponsored by Air Madagascar, this site offers illustrated essays on Malagasy language, history, and cuisine in addition to travel and tourism information.

International Wolf Center
Track wolf telemetry data by searching through the Center's online telemetry database or downloading database software that allows you to search and sort telemetry data. Database information includes dates and times of readings as well as the type of fix (aerial, visual, ground), description of location, wolf's activity at time of sighting, and more.

The Eighth Continent: Life, Death, and Discovery in the Lost World of Madagascar by Peter Tyson. New York: William Morrow, 2000.
In this general popular book, NOVA Online Producer Peter Tyson journeys through the far reaches of Madagascar with top researchers, including Luke Dollar and Patricia Wright, plumbing scientific and cultural mysteries.

Lemurs of the Lost World: Exploring the Forests and Crocodile Caves of Madagascar by Jane Wilson. London: Impact Books, 1990.
Wilson, a physician and lemur expert who served on two expeditions to the Ankarana Reserve in the 1980s, gives a delightful and highly personal account of her teams' adventures there.

Lemurs of Madagascar by Russell A. Mittermeier, Ian Tattersall, William R. Konstant, David M. Meyers, and Roderic B. Mast. Washington, D.C.: Conservation International, 1994.
A comprehensive and readable guide to Madagascar's 32 species and more than 50 taxa of lemurs. Includes chapters on the extinct giant lemurs, conservation concerns, and more.

Madagascar: A World Out of Time by Frans Lanting. New York: Aperture, 1990.
This is a truly mouth-watering book of photographs shot by famed photographer Frans Lanting. Includes fascinating essays on the island's natural and cultural history by primatologist Alison Jolly and cultural anthropologist John Mack.

Madagascar & Comoros by Paul Greenway. Oakland, Calif.: Lonely Planet, 1997.
A thorough, extremely user-friendly guidebook to Madagascar and the neighboring Comoros Islands. Includes color photographs and dozens of maps.

Get Real
Through the Earthwatch Institute, Luke Dollar and Patricia Wright will lead research expeditions to Madagascar in summer and fall 2000 that you can join as a paying volunteer. In the Ankarafantsika reserve, site of the largest patch of tropical dry forest remaining in Madagascar, Dollar will capture, collar, and radiotrack the island's elusive carnivores, including the fossa. Wright, for her part, will continue her ten-year study of the Milne-Edwards' sifaka, a beautiful black-and-white lemur found in the rainforests of Ranomafana National Park. For more information on these projects and how to join them, see

Pioneer, an arm of Azafady, a London-based nonprofit organization working on humanitarian and sustainable development projects in Madagascar, offers ten-week placements for volunteers to work in southeastern Madagascar near Fort Dauphin. Team members assist conservation biology and sustainable development projects out of Pioneer's research and development station in the traditional fishing village of Ste Luce. See for more details.

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