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The Training Calendar

How do you prepare novice runners for the Boston Marathon? Three-time Boston Marathon winner Uta Pippig, Coach Don Megerle, and the rest of our training team at Tufts University had less than 10 months. But rather than "whip them into shape," Uta and Coach Don knew it would be best to use a mix of discipline, inspiration, and gentle cajoling. Each runner had different challenges to overcome—years of smoking and inactivity, and histories of heart disease and diabetes among them. But all the members of Team NOVA had the desire and potential to make great strides. Explore, month by month, the detailed Training Calendar they followed. And if you're inspired to take on such an endeavor yourself, see these Ten Tips.—Mary Kennedy, Tufts University

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Mary Kennedy, an associate producer on "Marathon Challenge," earned degrees in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Communication from Boston University and Tufts University, respectively.

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