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Mystery of the Megavolcano homepage
Image: (Toba eruption) Courtesy Darkside Animation

The Next Big One
Images: (Peter Tyson at Semeru, Semeru erupting) © Peter Tyson; (volcanic deposits chart) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Why Toba Matters
Images: (Sumatra satellite view, Earth and sun) Courtesy NASA; (Earth during Ice Age and today) Courtesy NOAA; (fields) © Klimensky; (Mount Pinatubo) Courtesy USGS; (meltwater iceflow in Greenland) Courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; (Drew Shindell) Courtesy Drew Shindell

A Supersized Volcano
Images: (magma volume chart) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation, data courtesy Geological Society of London; (Mount St. Helens ash plume) Courtesy USGS; (car fleeing Pinatubo eruption) © Alberto Garcia/CORBIS; (Toba ash fallout) Courtesy Geological Society of London; (Pinatubo sulfur spread) Courtesy NASA Langley Research Center Aerosol Research Branch; (Lake Toba satellite view) Courtesy NASA

Blasts From the Past
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Image: (Toba eruption) Courtesy Darkside Animation

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