The Four-Winged Dinosaur

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Chapter 1
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Liaoning Province in the northeastern corner of China has produced some of the most spectacular fossils ever seen, including one that may hold clues to the origin of flight.
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Chapter 2
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The dinosaur-bird connection first came to light in the 1860's, when quarrymen in Germany discovered a fossil called Archaeopteryx, a creature with feathered wings of a bird and the skeleton of a small carnivorous dinosaur.
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Chapter 3
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The discovery in China of Microraptor, a four-winged feathered dinosaur, reignites a long-running controversy over how birds evolved flight.
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Chapter 4
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Two teams take different approaches to creating a scientifically accurate model of Microraptor, one using a cast from a single fossil, and the other making a sculpture based on 16 different specimens.
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Chapter 5
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Experts from the American Museum of Natural History, Harvard, Brown, and MIT fly a model of Microraptor in a wind tunnel to see how four wings might have worked.
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Chapter 6
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The wind tunnel experiment suggests that Microraptor could have formed a useful wing with its hind limbs in typical dinosaur posture and been a perfectly capable glider, but its still not clear whether this was the pathway to flight for birds or a dead-end experiment in gliding dinosaurs.
running time 7:14

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