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Bogus Bill: Answer

There are five things wrong with the bill. Scroll down if you want to see what they are. Go back to the bill and keep looking.

Front of Bogus Bill
  1. This Federal Reserve Bank seal is wrong. The new seal designates the entire system, not each bank.

  2. There is one extra letter missing from this string of letters and numbers.

  3. Two numerals are found on the right-hand side of the front of the old bill, but are absent from the new bill. A watermark of Ben Franklin, seen when held up to the light, is there instead.

  4. The word "DOLLER" is misspelled. It should be DOLLAR.

Back of Bogus Bill
  1. The clock is missing from the tower. (Most new security features affect the front of the bill, or are embedded in it.)

The Bogus Bill highlights just a few of the new security features. Learn about the rest of the new features.

Note: The $100 bill will include all the features being implemented, while the lower denomination notes, such as the $1 bill, will include only the less sophisticated features.

Go to Bucking Trends, experiments with money materials you can try at home.

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