Anatomy of a Cuttlefish

  • By Rima Chaddha
  • Posted 04.03.07
  • NOVA

Cuttlefish have abilities and senses that are alien to us humans. They can change their appearance in a split second, mimicking floating vegetation or rocks on the seafloor. When danger looms, cuttlefish also can jet away at great speeds, shooting out a smoke screen of ink. How do they accomplish all this? Here, examine the anatomy of this octopus relative and learn how this master of disguise performs its tricks.

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Blue-green blood? Three hearts? Explore what sets cuttlefish apart from other animals.



(cuttlefish, arm & tentacle, beak, cuttlebone, eye, fin, gill, ink sac, mantle, mating, skin)
© James B. Wood/
(brain/lateral lines)
©1988/2007 Bernd U. Budelmann, University of Texas Medical Branc

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