Mating Trickery

  • By Nicole Duarte and Susan K. Lewis
  • Posted 04.03.07
  • NOVA

Thievery. Thwarting rival suitors. Males masquerading as females. The animal kingdom is rife with courtship and mating tactics more devious than any found in a Harlequin romance. In this slide show, meet some of the most duplicitous fish, insects, reptiles, and mammals in the natural world.

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Meet a menagerie of fish, insects, reptiles, and mammals with wily and outrageous sexual strategies.


Special Thanks

Barry Sinervo, UC Santa Cruz


(bluegill sunfish)
© Bryan Neff
(fruit fly)
© Max Westby
(side-blotched lizard)
© Suzanne Mills & Barry Sinervo
(red-sided garter snake)
© C. R. Friesen
(common scorpionfly)
© Kim Fleming
(spotted hyena)
© John Dalkin
(green frog)
© T. Paul Wrobel
(California tiger salamander)
© Gary Nafis
Andrew Syred/Photo Researchers, Inc.

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