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Chapter 1
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An ER for Seals and Sea Lions

The Marine Mammal Center, based in Sausalito, California, dispatches rescue teams along the northern California coast to save sick and dying animals.
running time 8:06

Chapter 2
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Saving "Your Sister"

Veterinarians and volunteers at the center care for a malnourished elephant seal pup they name "Your Sister" and release an ornery sea lion called "Taxman" back to the wild.
running time 9:33

Chapter 3
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Tough Decisions and an Elephant Seal Odyssey

The center's staff, at times, must turn to euthanasia. Outside the center, biologist Dan Costa tracks the surprising movements of northern elephant seals.
running time 9:00

Chapter 4
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A CAT Scan for "Xilia"

With the cooperation of a private cardiac clinic, a sick harbor seal pup named "Xilia" gets a state-of-the-art CAT scan.
running time 6:58

Chapter 5
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What's Killing the Sea Lions?

Experts track down the cause of a mysterious neurological illness affecting hundreds of California sea lions—a toxic poison called domoic acid.
running time 6:39

Chapter 6
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An Endangered Species

The center's Frances Gulland travels to Honolulu to aid a newborn Hawaiian monk seal, and we hear an update on the various animal patients in California.
running time 9:33

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