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Fall of the Leaning Tower

Welcome to the companion Web site to "Fall of the Leaning Tower", originally broadcast on October 5, 1999. The film explores why the famous tower of Pisa hasn't fallen over yet and investigates the many efforts taken to preserve this medieval treasure. Here's what you'll find online:
  • Pisa Panorama
    The Leaning Tower is just one of several architectural wonders gracing Pisa's famed Field of Miracles. View the piazza's cathedral, baptistery, and other monuments in this stunning 360-degree QuickTime image.

  • Where It Stands Today
    John Burland, a soil expert and member of the international committee charged with saving the Tower, gives an update on the soil-extraction method that recently restored the tower to the angle it bore in 1970—with much more to come.

  • The Galileo Games (Hot Science)
    What would happen if you dropped two balls of different weights off the top of the Leaning Tower? Which would hit first? Tease your mind with Galileo's legendary test and related challenges.

  • Rescuing World Monuments
    The Parthenon. Windsor Castle. The Statue of Liberty. Examine the challenging restorations recently undertaken at these and other global masterpieces.

  • History of Interventions
    In this chronology, take a look back at the many and often misguided attempts to right the Leaning Tower, including the most recent and promising of all.
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