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Fall of the Leaning Tower
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Web Links
The Leaning Tower of Pisa - Official Web Site
A well-designed site on your favorite leaning tower, complete with QTVRs from the top of the tower, a good history section, and lists of events.

Pisa in Virtual Reality - Compart
Enjoy "Quicktime VR" panoramic views of the various attractions at Pisa.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Home Page
This site offers a great introduction to the Leaning Tower and includes sections on its history, news, links, a photo gallery, and even Pisa humor.

"Mr. Pisa's" Leaning Tower of Pisa Site
Bas Pisa (whose last name inspired an interest in the subject) has put together a fun introduction to the tower, with sections on history, news, and a nice photo gallery.

UNESCO World Heritage
The Web site of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee offers information on UNESCO projects. From here, you can access the World Heritage List as well as the endangered sites database. Browse through minutes of meetings and find out how you can become a part of UNESCO's attempt to preserve historical landmarks and sites.

Great Buildings Online Renaissance Section
Great Buildings Online is a database of hundreds of well-known buildings. This reference includes information on architect, date, location, type, construction system, climate, context, style, images, and even offers 3D models of buildings all over the world.

Pisa Online
This site, devoted to Pisa, is a good introduction to the area for those considering a visit. The site offers history, photos, and descriptions of the historic buildings as well information useful to the passing visitor such as hotel, entertainment, and restaurant information.

The History of Pisa
A brief but informative history of Pisa, mostly text with a few images

The Story of Pisa by Janet Ross and Nelly Erichsen London: J. M. Dent & Co., 1909
Elaborately illustrated with both photographs and drawings by Nelly Erichsen, this book, part of the Medieval Town Series, gives a detailed portrait of Pisa from pre-Roman times to the turn of this century. Includes lengthy chapters on the town's history, churches, towers (estimated to be 10,000 in the 12th century), and, of course, the famous cathedral, baptistery, and Leaning Tower.

Why Buildings Fall Down: How Structures Fail by Mathys Levy and Mario Salvadori New York: Norton, 1992
Having written a book called Why Buildings Stand Up, one of the world's leading structural engineers (Salvadori) explains structural failures around the world. Includes a section on the Leaning Tower.

Florence, Siena, Pisa & Lucca, 2nd ed. by Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls Boston: Globe Pequot Press, 1998
Guidebook detailing full-day walks through the featured cities.

Special Thanks
John Burland
Marco Visalberghi
Steve Lorenzetti, National Parks Service
Phil Sheridan, Independence Hall
Dorothy Hackbarth, UNESCO Association/USA Inc.
Maria Antenorcruz, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation
Kevin Daley, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation
American Archaeological Institute
Peter Kingsbury

Lauren Aguirre, Senior Producer
Kim Ducharme, Senior Designer
Rick Groleau, Hot Science Developer
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Brenden Kootsey, Technologist
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Jeffrey Oar, Intern
Peter Tyson, Producer

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