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Physics & Math

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Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero (Jan. 2008)

The story of the harnessing of cold and the race to reach the lowest temperature possible
Watch now (96 mins.)


CERN (July 2007)

Beneath the Alps, the mother of all particle accelerators nears completion. Watch now (12 mins.)

Dark Matter

Dark Matter (June 2008)

Turns out most of the universe is held together by a mysterious, invisible substance. Watch now (14 mins.)

The Elegant Universe

The Elegant Universe (Oct. 2003)

Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made out of strings. It's not science fiction, it's string theory. Watch now (146 mins.)

Hunting the Hidden Dimension

Hunting the Hidden Dimension (Oct. 2008)

Mysteriously beautiful fractals are shaking up the world of mathematics and deepening our understanding of nature. Watch now (50 mins.)


Kryptos (July 2007)

A coded sculpture at CIA headquarters has yet to be fully broken. Watch now (12 mins.)

Island of Stability

Island of Stability (Oct. 2006)

Follow the decades-long quest to create the elusive element 114. Watch now (13 mins.)

Mind Over Money

Mind Over Money (Apr. 2010)

Can markets be rational when humans aren't? Watch now (50 mins.)

Origins: Back to the Beginning

Origins: Back to the Beginning (Sep. 2004)

How did the colossal forces of the early universe make it possible for habitable worlds to emerge? Watch now (50 mins.)

Profile: Brothers Chudnovsky

Profile: Brothers Chudnovsky (July 2005)

The story of two brilliant mathematicians, a unicorn, and a homemade supercomputer Watch now (10 mins.)

Profile: James McLurkin

Profile: James McLurkin (Jan. 2005)

James McLurkin of MIT is one of the world's leading designers of robot "swarms"—groups of robots that work together for a greater purpose. Watch now (10 mins.)

Profile: Arlie Petters

Profile: Arlie Petters (July 2007)

A boy from a rural village in Belize grows up to become a world-class mathematician and cosmologist. Watch now (9 mins.)

The Search for ET

The Search for ET (July 2008)

Astronomers have their radio telescopes tuned to receive signals from alien worlds. But is anybody out there? Watch now (11 mins.)

Space Storms

Space Storms (July 2008)

Behind the dazzling display of the aurora borealis are space storms that could turn the lights off here on Earth. Watch now (10 mins.)

Twin Prime Conjecture

Twin Prime Conjecture (Jan. 2006)

New insight into a 2,300-year-old mystery surrounding prime numbers inspires a song. Watch now (3 mins.)

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