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Responses to Pyramids

(posted February 14, 1997)


In a response posted Feb. 10 to an email question, Dr. Zahi Hawass incorrectly stated that Florida State University conducted a remote sensing survey around the Sphinx. The survey was conducted by Thomas Dobecki who has no relationship with The Florida State University. Furthermore the geophysical anomalies detected have not been interpreted as "rooms and tunnel" by any of the four of us (an archaeologist and three geologists) from FSU who were present during part of the survey and have seen some of the data.

The interpretation of the anomalies as "rooms or tunnels" must come from others. We at FSU know of no data that would lead us to such speculation. Indeed I personally suspect that at least some of the anomalies are related to karst features such as solution cavities, since such features can be observed cropping out on the Giza Plateau and in the same lithologic units.

We at FSU hope that in the future, Dr. Hawass does not attribute to us that which is not ours.

A. Leroy Odom
Professor of Geology
Florida State University

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