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Set 1, posted September 28, 1998

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I certainly look forward to the final production of the film. Being in Denver we should eventually have an opportunity to see it first hand. I know that En Nino has had a major effect on Cocos Island. Have the island and the surrounding ocean life recovered from it's effects? I keep hearing about another situtaion, La Nina. Is it real, and if so what effects do you think you will see in/on/and around the island?

Denver, CO

Response from Howard Hall:

El Nino has had a great effect on Cocos and now we're beginning to feel the effects of his evil sister. The film is coming along fine dispite the weather and probably will benefit from the weird weather.


What a fabulous idea to post a Web site during an actual filming of an underwater IMAX documentary filming. Howard and Michele Hall are real heroes of mine. A great chance for me to communicate directly with them while they are on location at Cocos.

Steve Drogin
LaJolla, California


What a beautiful site! My son (4 years old) and I meandered through each link, reading all the text and checking out each picture. It took several hours and left me with a much better understanding and appreciation of sharks. My son was spellbound and listened intently as I read aloud every word. Thank you for providing this wonderful site!

(name witheld by request)

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