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Who's Who of Sharks
by Jennifer Uscher

There are close to 400 species of sharks. You'd be reading into the next millennium if we described each and every one, so instead we focus on the 30 families of sharks. For a general description of each family, with an accompanying photo of a representative species, click on the eight Orders in the diagram and then scroll down. To find out in which family your favorite species lies, see the separate Species list or try the Shark-O-Matic.

Taxonomy of sharks

Jennifer Uscher is Production Assistant of NOVA Online.

Principal sources:
by John D. Stevens, consulting editor
Facts on File Publications, 1987

Sharks of the World
by Leonard J.V. Compagno
FAO Species Catalogue/The United Nations Development Program, 1984

Illustration: ©Weldon Owen Pty Ltd.

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