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NOVA/WGBH Boston and the California Museum of Science and Industry have joined together to present the following coordinated film and exhibit.

NOVA Special Effects is a 35-minute IMAX/OMNIMAX® film produced by NOVA/WGBH Boston with the participation of 14 U.S. and 4 international science museums. It is slated to premiere in summer/fall 1996 at these theaters, and then open in additional large format theaters worldwide. The film will tell how special effects filmmakers use their understanding of the human visual system to create their illusions and will demonstrate these visual principles at work in the uniquely experiential 70mm/15 perforation format.

Special Effects 2 is a multimedia, interactive traveling exhibit designed by the California Museum of Science and Industry which opened at the museum in December 1994 and will travel to 15 other U.S. and Canadian museums and science centers between 1995 and 1999. The exhibit focuses on the underlying science and technical processes of special effects, from the earliest motion pictures to the current state-of-the art digital computer graphics.


The SPECIAL EFFECTS activity guides are a project of the California Museum of Science and Industry and NOVA/WGBH Boston, with major funding from the National Science Foundation. Air transportation for NOVA's Special Effects provided by United Airlines.

Copyright © 1995 WGBH Educational Foundation and California Museum of Science and Industry. Educators may photocopy these activities. All other rights reserved.

  • WGBH Educational Foundation

    NOVA Executive Producer
    Paula Apsell

    NOVAMAX Executive Producer
    Susanne Simpson

    NOVAMAX Associate Producer
    Kelly Tyler

    Director of Educational Print and Outreach
    Beth Kirsch

    Manager of Educational Print
    Karen Barss

    Assistant Manager of Outreach
    Trish Meyer

    Project Director/Editor
    Karen Hartley

    Editorial Assistant
    Amina Sharma

    Elles Gianocostas
    Polly Lockman

    Michael Moran, middle school activities
    Terry Sirrell, upper elementary school activities

  • California Museum of Science and Industry

    Deputy Director, Exhibits and Education
    Ann Muscat

    Director of Education
    Carol Valenta

    Jennifer Boxer
    Carol Valenta

    Project Assistant
    Chrys Terry

  • Educational Outreach Advisory Committee

    Sally Duensing, Exploratorium
    Marilynn Fong-Choy, KLCS Television
    Yolanda Scott George, AAAS
    Sue Griswold, Discovery Place Inc.
    Judy Kass, AAAS
    Angela Marcano Lifsey, WGBH Educational Foundation
    Dale McCreedy, The Franklin Institute Science Museum
    Elizabeth Stage, New Standards Project
    Barry Van Deman, International Museum of Surgical Science

  • Consultants to Advisory Committee

    Nancy Kreinberg, EQUALS
    Andrea Anderson, ASTC
    Cassandra Johnson, ASTC

  • Science Advisors

    Dr. Richard Gregory, University of Bristol
    Dr. Vilayanvur Ramachandran, University of California/San Diego

IMAX and OMNIMAX are registered trademarks of Imax Corporation.

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