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Astronaut Bios
Dr. Michael L. Gernhardt has flown on three shuttle flights and has logged over 931 hours in space, including six hours and 46 minutes of spacewalking. He received a bachelors in physics from Vanderbilt University and a doctorate in bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. A scuba enthusiast who has logged over 700 deep-sea dives, he also enjoys running, swimming, flying, and fishing.

Rick Douglas Husband piloted the space shuttle Discovery during the first docking with the International Space Station in the spring of 1999. Currently Chief of Safety for the Astronaut Office, Husband is a veteran test pilot who has logged over 3,800 hours of flight time in more than 40 different types of aircraft. He holds a masters of science degree in mechanical engineering from California State University, Fresno.

Pamela Ann Melroy is scheduled to pilot the third space shuttle mission to assemble the International Space Station, currently on the calendar for mid-2000. A veteran of the Gulf War with over 200 combat and combat support hours, she has logged over 4,000 hours of flight time in more than 45 different aircraft. She earned a master's in Earth and planetary sciences from M.I.T and enjoys theatre, tap and jazz dancing, and cooking.

Dr. James H. Newman has three space shuttle flights under his belt, including the first International Space Station assembly mission. He has logged over 779 hours in space, including four spacewalks totaling 28 hours, 27 minutes. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he went on to earn a master of arts degree and a doctorate in physics, both from Rice University. His hobbies include hiking, soccer, and soaring.

Julie Payette is an astronaut in the Canadian Space Agency who flew aboard the space shuttle Discovery in 1999, delivering four tons of supplies to the International Space Station in preparation for the arrival of the station's first crew. Fluent in French and English, she speaks conversational Spanish, Italian, and Russian. She also plays the piano and has sung with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra Chamber Choir, among other groups.

Kent V. Rominger is a veteran of four space flights, including the spring 1999 Discovery flight to deliver equipment to the fledgling International Space Station. He served aboard the USS Nimitz in the Arabian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm and has made 685 aircraft-carrier landings. His recreational pursuits include snow and water skiing, horseback riding, and running.

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