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Submarines, Secrets, and Spies

Welcome to the companion Web site to "Submarines, Secrets, and Spies", originally broadcast in January, 1999. Along with celebrated oceanographer and explorer Robert Ballard, NOVA goes in search of clues to two tragedies of the Cold War, the wrecks of the nuclear submarines Thresher and Scorpion. Here's what you'll find online:
  • See Inside a Submarine
    Lead yourself on a virtual tour through an active nuclear submarine with these 360-degree views. (QTVR)

  • Can I Borrow Your Sub?
    Find out why the U.S. Navy has been loaning out its nuclear attack submarines.

  • Life on a Submarine
    What does it feel like when your submarine launches a ballistic missile? When you accidentally go below test depth? When you earn your "Dolphins?" Hear about life underwater from former submarine sailors.

  • Sounds Underwater (Hot Science)
    Sound travels faster underwater than through air. True or false? Test your sonic knowledge.

Plus Resources and the broadcast transcript.

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Can I Borrow Your Sub? | Sounds Underwater
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