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Sounds Underwater

Can you sound out the truth behind how sound sounds underwater? Take this quiz and find out.

  1. The speed of sound in water is two times slower than that in air.
    True | False

  2. Sound travels much faster in space than in water.
    True | False

  3. Warmer water allows sound to travel faster.
    True | False

  4. To listen to sounds in the ocean you need an instrument called a seaphone.
    True | False

  5. Whale sounds can travel across an ocean.
    True | False

  6. Whales of different species make very similar sounds.
    True | False

  7. A dolphin produces notes 100 times higher than the highest note a soprano can reach.
    True | False

  8. Fish do not make any sounds.
    True | False

  9. The only sounds transmitted in the water are those that come from the animals that live there.
    True | False

  10. You can hear the sounds of the ocean by listening to a seashell.
    True | False


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