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In Search of Human Origins, Part III

Classroom Activity

To provide anthropologists of the future with clues about a 21st century classroom.

Materials for each team
  • copy of "Back to the Present" student handout (PDF or HTML)
  1. Much of the work of anthropology involves making deductions from limited fossil evidence. What do students think are some of the conclusions that our descendants might make about our culture?

  2. Copy and distribute the "Back to the Present" student handout. Have students complete the sheet.

  3. When they have finished, ask them to discuss how this activity helped them take a fresh look at their surroundings.

Activity Answer

Student answers will vary depending on what's in the classroom. Suggest that they look for indication so specific dates and time, such as calenders or news regarding current events. Also, class rosters could give information about students' indentities. The electrical and technical equipment in the classroom could also give information in terms of technological advancement. These examples will serve as crucial evidence to scientists trying to theorize life form hundreds of years from now.

Teacher's Guide
In Search of Human Origins, Part III

Video is not required for this activity