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What's New About Menopause

Classroom Activity

To evaluate treatment options for migraine management.

Materials for each team
  • copy of "Jason's Dilemma" student handout (PDF or HTML)
  1. Organize students into groups. Copy and distribute the "Jason's Dilemma" student handout. Ask students in each group to choose one of the following roles:

    • doctor
    • Jason
    • parent
    • friend
  2. In their assigned roles, have students debate the pros and cons of the various decisions that Jason might make about his migraines. To organize their ideas, have students use a graphic organizer such as this decision-making chart.

Decision-Making Chart

decision making chart
Activity Answer

The roles assigned should help students focus on their concerns about Jason's treatment. Jason's main concern seems to be avoiding a migraine on the night of the big concert. His doctor may focus on finding a permanent cure or a medicine that will alleviate the symptoms. His parents might be concerned about Jason's overall health, and may worry about the possible side effects or addictive features of a medication. His friends may be concerned about whether Jason's personality or behavior will be affected by a particular treatment.

Student questions related to each of the recommendations will vary. Some possible responses follow. Diet: Is Jason allergic to any of the foods listed in this article? Has he been tested for any food sensitivities or allergies? Medication: What other medications are available for migraines besides Fiorinal? Has Jason ever tried this particular medication? Could there be any negative side effects if Jason were to take the medication only occasionally (such as the night of the performance)? Relaxation: Could Jason combine this practice with any other treatments? How might he learn to practice relaxation?

Teacher's Guide
What's New About Menopause

Video is not required for this activity