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What's New About Menopause

Viewing Ideas

Before Watching

  1. This program examines different views about estrogen therapy as a treatment for menopause. In the 1960s, many in the medical establishment thought estrogen was a rejuvenating antidote to menopausal discomforts, and the therapy was widely prescribed. Soon, however, concerns were raised about the increased levels of a rare uterine cancer among some women who used estrogen. Ask your students how they evaluate the role and advice of experts. Ask for cases in which experience has proved the experts wrong. Why are people predisposed to believe them? When is "expert advice" just an opinion and when is it fact? How do you evaluate such advice and then make a decision that takes all available information into consideration?

After Watching

  1. Ask students to recall moments in the film when the women had to make difficult choices about which treatments to follow for their postmenopausal conditions, for example, hesitancy about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or a decision to pursue alternative herbal cures. Ask students how well informed these women seemed to be about their choices. What were the most compelling reasons they gave for their choices? How did their feelings about aging influence their decisions? What other questions might they have asked? What other options might they have pursued?

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What's New About Menopause