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Tribe that Time Forgot, The

Classroom Activity

To place a culture somewhere in the world where it would be difficult to find.

Materials for each team
  • copy of "Hidden Cultures" student handout (PDF or HTML)
  1. Organize students into two groups. Copy and distribute the "Hidden Cultures" student handout to each group.

  2. Group 1 should choose a location somewhere in the world where a community of people could exist in secret. Group 2 will ask 20 questions to find this lost community.

  3. After the game is over, discuss the questioning strategies. What other questions would have helped? Discuss the ramifications of finding and investigating these "lost" communities.

Activity Answer

When choosing a location, Group 1 should look for a place in the world where the terrain or topography would make it difficult for outsiders to penetrate. Locations that are set apart by natural boundaries such as mountain ranges, deserts, or deep forests might be good choices. Also, keep in mind the need for water and food sources. The location should also be at some distance from highly populated areas.

When trying to identify the location, Group 2 should try to focus on questions that narrow the field of options significantly. For instance, determining which continent the community is located on will be extremely helpful. Isolating a specific area within that continent will narrow the options even more. The community's location relative to bodies of water, specific countries, or large geographic features such as deserts, forests, or mountain ranges will also provide useful clues.

Teacher's Guide
Tribe that Time Forgot, The

Video is not required for this activity