Where Do We Put the Carbon?

  • By Peter Tyson
  • Posted 06.01.08
  • NOVA scienceNOW

Carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels is dangerously heating the planet, and many experts agree we desperately need to start capturing CO2 released from industrial sources. We have the technology to do that, but once it's captured, where and how could we store it? Learn about the most promising possibilities in this illustrated interactive.

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Explore options for storing the carbon dioxide that threatens to turn Earth into a solar oven.

Editor's Note: This feature does not try to be comprehensive. Also, these technologies and techniques are still under research and development, and many uncertainties remain over cost, business risk, public acceptance, and appropriate laws and regulations as well as long-term monitoring and human and environmental safety. Thanks to Columbia's Klaus Lackner for help on this feature.



illustrated by Rick Pinchera/© WGBH Educational Foundation

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