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To the Moon

Welcome to the companion Web site to "To the Moon," a two-hour NOVA special, originally broadcast on July 13, 1999. The program chronicles the untold science and engineering story of how we got to the moon. Here's what you'll find online:
    Explore the Moon
    Join the Apollo astronauts on the surface in this series of stunning 360-degree panoramas (QTVRs), one each from the six successful Apollo moon landings.

    Lunar Puzzlers (Hot Science)
    If you're standing on the moon and the Earth is directly overhead, how long will it take for our planet to reach the moon's horizon? Take a shot at this and other lunar brainteasers.

    Last Man on the Moon
    Gene Cernan, who left man's final footprint on the moon in 1972, describes what it was like to lift off from the launchpad, walk in space, spend three days exploring the lunar surface, and reenter the Earth's atmosphere.

    Hear the Space Pioneers
    Buzz Aldrin on that first-ever landing. Jim Lovell on the terror of Apollo 13. Listen to the compelling stories of these and other Apollo luminaries who got us to the moon.

    The moon is not made of green cheese but of bits of the Earth blasted into outer space by a Mars-sized meteor, which struck our planet four and a half billion years ago. Or so says the leading theory of how the moon came to be.
Photos: NASA

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