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Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

Israel's remote Cave of Letters holds clues to a Jewish uprising against the Romans.

Premiered: Runtime: 53:42Topic: Ancient WorldsAncient WorldsNova

(This program is no longer available for online streaming.) Follow an expedition to a remote cave in the Judean desert, first excavated by the famed Israeli archeologist Yigael Yadin in 1960-61. Yadin uncovered a cache of ancient documents, human skulls, and artifacts that shed light on a legendary revolt by Jews against the Roman Empire in the year 132. The uprising, led by Jewish patriot Shimon Bar-Kokhba, is said to have resulted in the Roman slaughter of 580,000 Jews. NOVA explores the last refuge of one group of Bar-Kokhba's followers with an historian whose bold theories have rocked the world of biblical archeology.

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