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Antarctica: Journey to the Bottom of the Earth

Episode 1: Antarctica: It’s the home of penguins, seals, and a weird, rusty-looking glacial waterfall called Blood Falls. It’s the most remote natural laboratory on Earth—which means getting there is no easy feat.

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In the premiere episode of Antarctic Extremes, join hosts Caitlin Saks and Arlo Pérez as they follow in the footsteps of the brave scientists that have made McMurdo Station, an otherworldly Antarctic outpost, their research base and their second home. Five days, 12,000 miles, and seven time zones with hundreds of pounds of camera gear in tow, Caitlin and Arlo temporarily leave their day jobs as NOVA producers and go on a mind-boggling journey to the bottom of the world. They fly halfway across the planet, pick up extreme cold-weather gear (and gloves made specially for wiping away snot), and learn to withstand the -50° F Antarctic autumn temperatures. But as they touch down on Antarctic ice in a massive U.S. Air Force C-17, Caitlin and Arlo realize their epic journey is far from over.

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