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Memory Hackers Hero

Memory Hackers

Scientists are learning how we can edit memories—and delete our worst fears.

Premiered: Runtime: 53:36Topic: Body + BrainBody & BrainNova

(This program is no longer available for online streaming.)

Neuroscientists are unraveling how memory works, from the molecular mechanisms in the brain to the ways it can be manipulated. It may even be possible to erase fears—and implant new memories.

The original version of NOVA's "Memory Hackers" film included a photomontage from archival stock footage that included a split-second image of a person in blackface, which our editors failed to notice. We have pulled all versions of this film and have provided an updated version. We at WGBH and NOVA would like to sincerely apologize that this offensive image was included in our content and acknowledge the long racist history of blackface and its harmful impact on Black people. It is antithetical to all we stand for as public media producers, whose mission it is to offer education and entertainment for the collective good of all people. We accept full responsibility for our content and the impact that it has on the American public that we serve.

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