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Vikings Unearthed Hero

Vikings Unearthed

Uncover the truth behind the legendary Vikings and their epic journey to the Americas.
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(Program not available for streaming.) Bloody raids. Merciless pillaging. Loathsome invasions. The Vikings are infamous for their fearsome conquests—but they were also expert seafarers, skilled traders, and courageous explorers. They travelled far and wide, crisscrossing the known world from Scandinavia to Europe and into Asia, leaving a trail of evidence that suggests they were far from just vicious warriors. Through stunning CGI recreations and careful investigation of archeological evidence, "Vikings Unearthed" unravels the secrets of these intrepid adventurers. And now, new evidence is coming to light that these pioneering people may have ventured even farther than we had suspected. Renowned space archeologist Sarah Parcak takes up the case, and is on the trail of the Vikings. What she discovers just might rewrite history.

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Jette Arneborg, Martin Biddle, Tom Birch, Doug Bolender, Martin Carver, Bill Fitzhugh, Dave Gathings, Dave Gathings, Esben Jessen, Andrew Jones, Emily Lethbridge, Sarah Parcak, Neil Price, Martin Rodevad Dael, Fred Schwartz, Dan Snow, Val Turner, Birgitta Wallace, Andy Woods
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