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World in the Balance homepage

Web Site Credits


TV Program Credits

Lauren Aguirre, Executive Editor
Brenden Kootsey, Senior Web Developer
Lexi Krock, Associate Editor
Susan K. Lewis, Editor
Sonali Patel, Designer
Jacqueline Mitchell, Editorial Assistant
Peter Tyson, Editor in Chief
Anya Vinokour, Senior Designer

Special Thanks
John Bongaarts, Population Council
Ellen Carnevale, Population Reference Bureau
Omar Gharzeddine, United Nations Population Fund
John Haaga, Population Reference Bureau
Linda Harrar, Linda Harrar Productions

Photo and Image Credits 
World in the Balance homepage
Photos: (Japanese woman, Indian schoolchildren) © Corbis; (boy with parrot) © United Nations/DPI Photo; (African girls) © Lexi Krock

Out of House and Home
Photos: (all) © Brenden Kootsey

Voices of Concern
Lester Brown: (Brown) © Wei Lin; (Malagasy kids, Indian mother and kids, Madagascar highlands, Indian rice paddies, Chinese children) © Peter Tyson; (heaps of grain) © Sabra Krock; (corn) © Todd Wendel

Paul Hewitt: (Hewitt) Courtesy Social Security Administration; (Japanese man and granddaughter, Italian family) © Corbis; (Mumbai street, Sao Paolo) © Peter Tyson; (Kenyan classroom) © Jackie Mow; (Shanghai) © Todd Wendel; (men playing chess) © United Nations/DPI Photo

Pamela Onduso: (Onduso) WGBH/NOVA; (Kenyan classroom, four kids, schoolchildren, washing greens) © Jackie Mow; (girls in doorway, woman in village, crowd of girls, boys in window) © Lexi Krock

Geeta Rao Gupta: (Gupta) Courtesy Geeta Rao Gupta; (smiling mother and child) © Jill Fehrenbacher, World Education, Inc.; (mother in pink with son, mother with boy in green, mother with baby) © Carmen C. Urdanta, Management Science for Health; (couple with child) © John Snow, Inc.; (young family) © Todd Wendel; (girls in blue uniform) © Peter Tyson

Ding Yihui: (Ding) Courtesy of Ding Yihui; (Great Wall, wheat sheaves) © Sabra Krock; (family planning poster, rice paddies) © Peter Tyson; (man with bottles) © REUTERS/China; (yellow Humvee, Chinese girl) © Todd Wendel

Producers' Stories
Finding Florence: (all) © Jackie Mow
Waiting for the Earthquake: (all) © WGBH/NOVA
Escaping the Trap: (all) © WGBH/NOVA
China's Road Ahead: (all) © Chris Schmidt

Material World
Photos: (China) © 2004 Leong Ka Tai; (India) © Peter Ginter; (Japan, Mali, United States) © 2004 Peter Menzel/

Population Campaigns
Posters: Courtesy of the Medical Materials Clearinghouse at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health/Center for Communication Programs

Human Numbers Through Time
Illustrations: (all) © WGBH/NOVA

Global Trends Quiz
Photos: (baby) © Photodisc; (family, tax roll) © Corbis Images; (India contraception) Paul Bankerd/CCP; (woman with baby on lap) Liz Gilbert/ Courtesy of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation; (buses in street) D. Hinrichsen/Courtesy of Photoshare; (Humvee in China, couple with corn) © Todd Wendel; (clear-cut forest) Courtesy of the Sierra Club; (man carrying bottles) Reuters/China; (all others) Courtesy of the U.N.

Be a Demographer
Flags: Courtesy of the CIA World Factbook

Earth in Peril
Maps: (density, forests, habitats, land) Courtesy of the World Resources Institute; (growth, water, air) © AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment, by Paul Harrison and Fred Pearce, 2000; (cities, climate) Courtesy of NASA

T.V. Program Description
Photo: (girl in water) © H. Schwarzbach/UNEP/Peter Arnold


World in the Balance
The People Paradox

Narrated by
Oliver Platt

Written, Produced and Directed by
Sarah Holt

Executive Producer for World in the Balance
Linda Harrar

Kenya Segment Produced and Directed by
Jackie Mow

Associate Producer
Laura Pacheco

Edited by
Sarah Holt

Music by
Michael Bacon

Ned Johnston
Steve McCarthy
Bob Poole

Additional Camera
Allen Moore
Peter Nelson
Buddy Squires
Gordy Waterman

Sound Recordists
Asheesh Pandya
Cherag Cama
Yasuyuki Omi
Ross Fall
Alex Kimanzi
Mario Cardenas
Jeff Hayash
George Shafnacker
Bob Silverthorne
Merce Williams
Tom Williams

Translation Voices
Linda Amendola
Rena Baskin
Will Lebow
Celeste Oliva

3FX Inc.
Jody Bortner
Cory Resh
Mike Zurcher

Sound Design
Rob Todd

Online Editor and Colorist
Mark Steele

Audio Mix
John Jenkins

Additional Sound Editing
Karen Silverstein

Stills Animation
Dan Nutu, Fotografis

Production Coordinator -India
Bhuvana S.

Production Assistance - India
Rajeesh Dham
Chen Pret

Creative Consultants - India
Parthiv and Vidya Shah

Production Coordinators - Kenya
Guy Wilson and Ginger Peevers

Production Assistance - Kenya
Zippy Wambui
Ainea Sibukho Muhanji

Production Coordinator - Japan
Tetsuo Sato

Chitrita Banerji
Ratna Krishnan
Takenaka Makoto
Keiko Sekino

Brendan Keefe
Yoichi Tanaka

Production Support-NY
Elizabeth Hummer

Geeta Dayal
Jesse Gorham-Engard
Eli Katzoff
George Malcolm
David Peth
Caitlin Satchell

Archival Material
Elioptics & The Time Lapse Group
Paul Ehrlich
Heights Productions
Image Bank Film/Getty Images
Steeplechase Films
Screenscope, Inc.
The Boston Globe
The LA Times
The New York Times

Special Thanks
Better Life Program
Bill Hawkins
Carolina for Kibera
Center for Development and Population Activities
Chikitsa Clinic
Dr. Bobul Sood
Feed the Children
Francois Farah
Jane Roberts
Joe Speidel
Joseph Chamie
Karen Muller
Karusa Kiragu
Kenya Network of Women with AIDS
Kenyatta National Hospital
KNH - High Risk Clinic
Mark Munger
Marta Levitt-Dayal
Mathare Youth Sports Association
Mr. Atoh
Ogouchi School
Pathfinder International
Penelope Riseborough
Population Council
Population Reference Bureau
Population Services International
PRERANA-Better Life Program
Randy Kolstad
Ruriko Koshiba
Senator Hironaka
Shibuya Care Center
Single Mothers Association of Kenya
The Frances Jones Abandoned Baby Center
Theresa Schaven
Tomoko Omura
Youville House for Assisted Living

Business Manager for Linda Harrar Productions, LLC
Melanie Perkins


World in the Balance
China Revs Up

Narrated by
Oliver Platt

Written by
Chris Schmidt & Joel Olicker

Produced and Directed by
Chris Schmidt

Executive Producer for World in the Balance
Linda Harrar

Associate Producer
Todd Wendel

Edited by
David Carnochan

Director of Photography
Gary Henoch

Sound Recordists
Guo Wan Hui
Rick Patterson
Juan Rodriguez
Saul Rouda

Additional Camera
Michael Anderson
Tom Kaufman

Music by
Michael Bacon

Translation Voices
Stephanie Clayman
Jerry Kissel
Will Lebow
Michelle Proude
Richard Snee
Scott Winters
Tug Yourgrau

3FX Inc.

Director of Production
Janel Cunneen

Field Producer
Dan Rote

Online Editor and Colorist
Mark Steele

Audio Mix
John Jenkins

Sound Editor
Geoff Birmingham

Chinese Translation
Hua Dong

Production Assistant
Joanna Arong

Archival Material
Storm Stock
Streamline Films
Wild China Films
The Long Bow Group
Linda Harrar Productions

Special Thanks
Bill Hawkins
Jane Roberts
The Jaffe Research Group
The People of The Makah Nation
Beijing Television
Beijing Jeep
GM China Group
The Earth Policy Institute
The Professional Association for China's Environment
China's Meteorological Administration
The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
The Fletcher School of Diplomacy
The State Environmental Protection Agency of The People's Republic of China
Capital Steel
Wild China Films
Wanglang Nature Reserve
World Wildlife Fund

Senior Producer for Powderhouse Productions
Joel Olicker

NOVA Series Graphics
National Ministry of Design

NOVA Theme
Mason Daring
Martin Brody
Michael Whalen

Post Production Online Editor
Spencer Gentry

Closed Captioning
The Caption Center

Jonathan Renes
Diane Buxton
Amanda Hanson

Senior Researcher
Ethan Herberman

Production Coordinator
Linda Callahan

Unit Manager
Lola Norman-Salako

Gabriel Cohen-Leadholm

Legal Counsel
Susan Rosen Shishko

Post Production Assistant
Patrick Carey

Associate Producer, Post Production
Nathan Gunner

Post Production Supervisor
Regina O'Toole

Post Production Editor
Rebecca Nieto

Post Production Manager
Maureen Barden Lynch

Supervising Producer
Stephen Sweigart

Producer, Special Projects
Susanne Simpson

Coordinating Producer
Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

Managing Director
Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell


(The People Paradox)
A Co-Production of NOVA and Linda Harrar Productions.

(China Revs Up)
A Co-Production of NOVA and Powderhouse Productions, Inc.

© 2004 WGBH Educational Foundation and Linda Harrar Productions, LLC

All Rights Reserved

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