Does America Still Work?

JOIN THE DEBATE about the country's economic future

This Website gives you the chance to scrutinize views on both sides of the question - how bad off are American workers and the economy? Here's a sampling of what's here:

Can We Blame Corporate America for All the Pink Slips?

Check out the views and mind sets of some top CEOs including Chrysler CEO Robert Eaton. Each has his own ideas on what corporate good citizenship means and whether companies can do well by doing good by their employees.

The Downsizing of America

In case you missed it in March, link to this widely noticed, much debated The New York Timesseries. It provoked spirited response from CEO's, including Eaton who said, "American executives are not the ogres portrayed by the press."


Prominent Wall Street analyst Stephen Roach forecasts what's in store for workers in the last half of the '90s.

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